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1st Edition - 1985, Reprinted April 2001
by James I C Boyd
ISBN 0853613125
Book Hardback 232 Pages 100 B&W Photographs
Publisher: Oakwood Press
Series: British Narrow Gauge Railway

The subject of this account has engaged James Boyd`s curiosity for over 50 years; it concerns one of the most captivating railway sites in North Wales. This work includes a feast of photographs and delightful drawings, with maps specially prepared for this erudite coverage of an era now vanished. Not only railways, but people, places, industries, ships, social orders - all now a memory - are faithfully recorded, for the Penrhyn railways were amongst the first `private` systems born of the French Wars and the Industrial revolution. The author brings an unassailable, lifetime`s involvement in his subjects. The series, of which this volume forms a part, are not only backed by the author`s own unique, close personal knowledge in both fieldwork and documentation, but also by a team of enthusiastic assistants, each a specialist in his own field. (Volume Three in the series, which covers the Dinorwic Quarry and other railways, will be reprinted later in the year.) Long out-of-print this title makes a welcome return.


  • Foreword
  • Author's Note
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgement
  • Sources
  • Part 5 - The Penrhyn Quarry and Railways 1719 on
  • References
  • Index to Text
  • Index to Drawings and Maps


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