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Celebrating these unique steam locomotives
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Welcome to the Quarry Hunslet web site, the aim is to capture all these wonderful narrow gauge locomotives that were produced for the slate quarries of North Wales. All of these orignal engines were produced by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds between 1870 and 1932. The design called for a light weight locomotives made for hard work in harsh environments of the slate quarries. The locomotives ran most of the year, year in and year out until the decline of the quarries in the late 1960's.
Now days all these locomotives can be found earning their living working for the leisure and tourisium market. Most are still located in North Wales, but other's have migrated to other parts of England, whilst a few have migrated to Canada & the USA. In the following pages you will find pictures and details of each locomotive. Most of the UK based locomotives have been restored as the following pictures show, unfortunatly the engines abroad are not in working order. Three new locomotivea have been produced, one by the Exmoor Steam Railway in 2004 and two more were produced by the Hunslet Locomotive Co. in 2005 & 2006. Details of these locomotives are included as well.
Please follow the links left and below to see larger images and details of each locomotive.
Alan George Alice Bedgellert Bill Harvey
Blanche  Britomart cackler Charles
Cloister Cloister Dame Anne Dolbadarn
Dorethea Edward Sholto Elidir Elin
George B Gwynedd Holy War Hugh Naper
Irish Mail Jack Lane Jerry M Jonathan
Lady Joan Lady Madcap Lillian Lilla
Linda Louisa Maid Marion Nesta
Pamela Rough Pup Stafford Thomas Bach
Una Velinheli Winifred 3 hunslets
Sectioned Boiler Bedgellert Mad Bess Alan Bloom
Ivor Susie-M William Berwyn
Robert tony Priest Lady Joy Elanor and Alice
Jackie Gillauran Lady Joan Hunselt charles at Merstan odel railway show May 2009
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