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Delivered new to Cilgwyn but bought by Penrhyn quarry in 1928. She became another ex-Penrhyn Hunslet, though earlier than Linda and Blanche. From there she was bought by preservation pioneer the late Bernard Latham, who originally restored her in his garden.
She then had several homes but after a visit to the Festiniog Railway "Hunslet Hundred" Gala in 1993, Bernard decided to keep her at the railway, as she fitted in so well. When he decided to sell "Lilla" a few years ago she was bought by a group of FR society members, and is maintained with the support of a group of FR members known as the Lilla Locomotive Group. Initially thought to be an occasional use machine, Lilla has found a good workload on the Festiniog Railway and is often seen hauling special trains both passenger and Freight.
Photo Copyright by Ben Fisher

Lilla last day in Traffic was the 31st October 2004 when she ran for the locomotive support group. As the locomotives boiler certificate expires on the 30th November 2004, the support group is fund raising for a brand new boiler, the existing boiler appears to date from the locomotives construction in 1891, the firebox being of a later construction in 1939. Photo Copyright by Ben Fisher



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