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The locomotive was orignally named Vaenol but changed to Jerry M whilst working at the quarry. She spent all of here working life at the quarry, When the quarry closed in 1969. the locomotive ws sold at auction and purchased by Commander Baldock for use on his new railway in Liphook in Hampshire, today this railway has become known as the Hollycombe collection. Below is a picture of Jerry M as work in the quarry railway mainline. for use on his surrey
Jerry M 1951
The narrow gauge railway at Hollycombe started in 1967 using equipment purchased from the Dinorwic slate quarry in north Wales. The quarry had recently abandoned its extensive internal rail system and Commander Baldock acquired the steam locomotive Jerry M along with a quantity of track and several wagons. Construction started in 1968 and reached the sandstone quarry by 1971. The line was later extended to include a loop, which brought the track length to its present 1½ miles. For more information see:
Jerry M
Jerry M on shed at Hollycome Shed, on the 20th July 2003
Jerry M
Jerry M received its 10 year boiler overhaul in 2005.
Jerry M's bioler during overhaul
In August the boiler had just completed its boiler test after some repairs, the locomotive chassis has also had attention, and the locomotive should be back in service ready for the 2007 season.
Jerry M
Jerry M


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