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Elider was bBuilt by Hunslet's in 1899, as works number 493 and delivered new to Dinorwic Quarry. It first carried the name Enid , this being the name of the highest gallery in the quarry, but after some years it was renamed Red Damsel , in honour of a racehorse. Taken out of use in 1957, the Quarry company started to overhaul it but, due to the decline in trade, this work was never completed. Thus when purchased by the Lake Railway in 1969, it was in a dismantled state and the nameplates had vanished. Work started on the repairs in 1970, but as so many parts were completely worn out they had to be renewed and it was over twelve months before the loco was ready for testing. During the overhaul a cab, which had originally belonged to another engine called Irish Mail , was fitted. Finally, the name Elidir was chosen, this being the name of the mountain which gave rise to the quarry and thus, indirectly, made the Lake Railway possible.

Elider crossing the road level crossing on the new extention on 7th September 2005, Photo courtsey of Graham Symms
Elider is seen here completing its task of running round its passenger train at Lake Padarn Sattion


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