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Celebrating these unique steam locomotives
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Dorothea's chassis at the Lauceston Railway in August 2003, after being rescued from a collapsed shed by Dave Walker, as you can see the chassis is just about complete, apart from the cylinder lagging and covers. Dorothea made its first debut during 2004. Restorer Kay Bowman who won a Heritage Railway Association award for its restoriation- after becoming the first woman in history to overhall a locomotive by herself is awaiting a steam test on the boiler in the comming weeks. 
Another view of Dorothea again in August 2006 this time of the boiler is on the frames complete with somlebox

Dorothea made a test run along the line in June, although in an uncomplete state (without saddle tank and cab). She is not complete and will not be making any more trips along the railway this season 2006. However, hopefully she will enter service alongside Covertcoat, Lilian and Velinheli in the next two years


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