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Dolbadarn. Hunslet No. 1430, built in 1922. This was one of a pair of locomotives supplied new to the harbour at Port Dinorwic for shunting on the quays. Here it was simply known as No. 2 but, in 1936, it was transferred to the quarry at Llanberis, and in 1946 the name Dolbadarn was fitted. The engine worked in the quarry until 1967, being one of the last steam engines to work in a slate quarry in Britain .

After purchase by the Lake Railway in 1969, it was found possible to complete the necessary repairs in time for the opening of the first section of the railway in 1971. This locomotive makes an interesting comparison to the other Hunslets on the Llanberis Lake Railway - notice the deep buffer-beams at each end, and the dome in the centre of the boiler. A new boiler was fitted in 1996 and after an extensive overhaul she returned to service in 1997.


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