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Orignally named George Shotto this ex Penhryn slate quarries locomotive was purchased and moved to Alan Blooms railway at Diss in norfolks where it still resides, This was the first locomotive to enter regular service on the Nursery Line. It came into service again in 1975 after having a complete overhaul, with a new boiler and firebox, It is named [renamed] after the former Norwich shedmaster Bill Harvey.
Billl Harvey
Photograph reproduced courtesy of @ Tim Gregson
Bill Harvey
Photograph reproduced courtesy of @ Tim Gregson
Two cylinders 7.5 x 10 stroke; coupled wheel diameter 20.25 in; grate area 3 sq.ft; working pressure 120 lb.; tractive effort 3,300 lb; weight 7 tons 12 cwt; length 14.5 ft.
Title: Hunslet Bill Harvey Bressingham Steam Railway
Original Name. George Sholto
Date Built: 1904
Works No. 994
Built for. Penrhyn
Class Name. Large Quarry (Penhryn)


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