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Beddgelert was built for the the Bryngwyn Branch on the NWNGR, which ran from Dinas to Tryfan Junction where the branch started, to serve a number of slate quarries on the slopes of Moel Tryfan, the upland area which rises to the right of the railway as viewed from a train heading from Dinas towards Waunfawr; {Not to be confused with the mountain Tryfan, adjacent to Llyn Ogwen alongside the A5}
Beddgelert, the 0-6-4ST was built by the Hunslet Locomotive Company Leeds in 1878, to works order number 206. The locomotive looks powerful in this works photograph above and it was ideally suited to the heavy freight trains. Unfortunately the engine only lasted until 1906 when it was scrapped as it was considered uneconomical to repair after only 28 years of service!
In this view Beddgelert is on an excursion train at Dinas Junction {with the LNWR} with one of the single farlies in about 1892. Excursions traffic offered a new source of revenue and this was actively encouraged by the manager who was quoted as saying 'Two specials, consisting 23 LNWR carriages containing 800 people arrived and along with 200 local booking were dispatched within 2 hours {to Snowdon} and they were all brought back in the evening.'
A right hand side view of Beddgelert outside Dinas Junction signalbox in loco yard about 1905 or 1906. Beddgelerts chimney has been relocated or shortened. The cab side device has also been chanced. Unfortunately she was scrapped around 1906. In the back ground the cab & chimney can be made out of a single fairlie possibly Moel Tryfan, the dome can also be seen through Beddgellert's cab.
This close-up picture of Beddgelert from the Dinas excursion photograph above showing some of the details.
Hunslet works No. 206 of 1878
Weight = 17T
cylinders = 10"x16"
Wheel Dia 30"
Boiler Pressure = 160lb
scraped 1906


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