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Alan George
Alan George was built by the Hunslet Engine Company, Leeds in 1894, and assigned makers number 606. One of many distinctive engines that have come to typify the North Wales narrow gauge quarry workings, known as 'quarry tanks'. The engines were used on the high level workings and doubtless had a hard working life, with minimal maintenance and running over poor quality track.

The outside frame arrangement and low mounted boiler and saddle tank make the engine very stable, while the large cylinders give plenty of power! The firebox is very wide and short, and the engine required careful attention to ensure there is plenty of steam just when it is needed.

Alan George spent it's working life in the Penrhyn slate quarries. Shown here in it's original habitat, the reason for the low loading gauge is clear as the caverns offer little clearance. Little is known of the working environment of these little engines, as their tracks were at high level, and therefore out of common gaze.

In 1953 the engine was laid up and abandoned until sold into private ownership in 1965, which is when the slate quarry lines closed.

There were 8 engines and several workmen's coaches in Coed-y-Parc workshop, and Alan George was selected as the firebox was sound. However, the brass and copper fittings had been removed and the motion was in pieces in the coal bunker. The name plates had all been removed and sent to museums.
Howdenclough Light Railway
The new owners, Mr Jack Buckler and Mr Roger Jackson, clearly had originally bought the engine for static display, but it soon hatched a plan to recover the engine to working order. After 5 years work, the engine was able to work again, albeit with a reduced boiler pressure. Alan George's first new home was at the 230 yds long Howdenclough Light Railway. in 1983 the railway folded and was sold off in pieces.
Teifi Valley Railway
Alan George

Alan George was bought by a syndicate and moved to the Teifi Valley Railway.

Since moving back to Wales, Alan George has had a new firebox, been re-gauged and fitted with air brakes.

In service, the engine has given excellent service and continues to provide pleasurable memories for many visitors to the Teifi Valley Railway.


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